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Upgrade Your Electrical Switchboard for Improved Safety and Performance.

Most electrical accidents and hazards are caused by switchboard faults. Outdated and incorrectly installed switchboards pose a serious threat, not only to your loved ones and employees, but also to your home and business assets.

At Orlando Powered, we prioritise your safety by providing industry-compliant switchboard upgrades and servicing. With years of experience in switchboard installations and maintenance for homes, businesses, and strata properties across Melbourne, we bring efficient and safe functionality to any electrical system.

From simple switchboard repairs and replacements to complete system overhauls and expert switchboard electrical installation, we will work with you to find the perfect solution to fit your needs. Our electricians are skilled, certified, and familiar with Australian switchboard regulations.

We offer a quality service with transparent and fair pricing, assessing the electricity requirements for your home or business to provide you with the best solution. This allows us to suggest upgrades that boost productivity and energy efficiency.

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Why Do You Need Switchboard Upgrades?

A switchboard is the central power hub for your property, regulating the flow of electricity to different access points. It distributes and directs electricity to where it’s needed without disruption.

The Australian Government mandates all properties must have a modern and updated switchboard equipped to meet the necessary electricity demand. Outdated switchboards with older wiring are a safety hazard as many of them do not have safety switches and circuit breakers.

In the case of an overflow, safety switches protect you from electrocution and fires by shutting off the supply of electricity. They also protect you from electrical shocks and damage to your machinery and appliances.

If your switchboard is more than 20 years old, it cannot meet increased electrical demands. Excess power loads can cause porcelain and ceramic fuses, common in older switchboards, to blow. On the other hand, modern circuit breakers trip as soon as there is an extra burden, stopping the electricity flow and protecting electrical equipment and you from shocks and electrocution.

These are only two critical elements of an updated switchboard. Others include wiring, panels, earthing conductor checks, additional connections, and 3-phase power switchboards for commercial properties.

Signs You Need A Switchboard Upgrade

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