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Smoke Alarm - Orlando Powered

Keep Your Home and Business Safe with Our Professional Smoke Alarm Services In Melbourne.

When was the last time you had your smoke alarm inspected?

Smoke alarms are a mandatory safety requirement for commercial and residential properties in Australia. However, they are often neglected and forgotten once installed, posing a serious risk when in the case of a fire.

Correctly installed smoke alarms need to be monitored through annual inspections and maintenance. This helps keep you and your property’s occupants secure, providing crucial time to get to safety.

We offer expert smoke alarm installation and maintenance in Melbourne for homes, businesses, and strata properties. Our highly skilled electricians are well versed in smoke alarm installation standards and safety regulations for both small- and large-scale properties. We supply quality smoke alarms from a variety of trusted Australian sellers, allowing you to choose the ones that best suit your property requirements and budget.

Our qualified smoke alarm installers provide quick and efficient service, from smoke detector wiring to alarm connection and testing. As we provide an honest and quality service, we are always available to answer your questions and concerns, providing a free quote on smoke detector installation costs.

From supply to installation and compliance reports

let us know your property’s requirements and we can take care of the rest.

Smoke Detector Installation Melbourne

With years of experience in home and commercial smoke detector installations, our smoke alarm electricians ensure that safety is maintained in personal and professional spaces. We understand the importance of placing and positioning smoke detectors in the correct locations for maximum security and quick response in case of fires.

This ensures that you have the time to act quickly once an alarm is triggered and get the necessary help required. We don’t deal with substandard smoke alarm detectors that sound off when not needed or fail to work when they should.

We work with quality products that meet industry standards and ensure that your home or business property is protected with perfectly installed and wired smoke detectors.

Our smoke detector services include:

Smoke Alarm - Orlando Powered

By accessing your property’s floor plan and design layout, we can identify the optimal locations for smoke detector installation. We work with home and business owners, as well as strata and property managers, to produce effective and secure smoke alarm systems.

From ceiling and electric smoke detectors to hard-wired systems and interconnected alarms, we can help you choose the most modern and high-tech systems for your property. If you’re looking to connect your smoke alarm to your fire system for improved security in commercial properties, or need smart detectors wired, we can recommend and install custom systems for you.

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Orlando Powered provides a full range of electrical services at affordable prices. We offer the convenience of managing all your electrical work from one trusted company, conducted by local and licensed electricians.

We guarantee 100% satisfaction with our smoke alarm installation services and any other maintenance or repair services you require. Our emergency electricians are available round the clock for urgent electrical issues, with rapid response times for immediate service.

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