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Affordable Electrical Solutions For Residential, Commercial, And Strata Properties Across Melbourne.

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Specialists In Commercial Electrical Installation, Repair And Maintenance.

Commercial electrical work is about more than keeping the power on. It involves highly complex, technical components and wiring to keep your business’s electrical system working safely and efficiently.

Orlando Powered is uniquely placed to meet the electrical needs of your business. Our electricians are licensed and trained in every aspect of commercial electrical work. With years of extensive industry experience, we provide custom electrical solutions for your business.

We use the latest technology, equipment, and top-notch materials to ensure your business operations don’t come to a halt due to electrical issues. From scheduled preventive maintenance that keeps your systems humming, to lighting and wiring repairs and everything in between, our skilled electricians have you covered – with zero faults or delays.

The best commercial electrical contractors in Melbourne.

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Commercial Electrical Services Melbourne

We work with Australian businesses like yours every day on electrical maintenance, repairs and upgrades – making us experts in the electrical world of commercial and industrial property. Our capable electricians work with you, assessing your property’s electrical system to provide cost-effective solutions that last.

Our commercial electrical services include:

Commercial Electrical Repairs And Maintenance

We offer a full range of electrical repair and maintenance services to keep your business running smoothly, without disrupting your operations or risking dangerous electrical accidents. They include:

Preventive Maintenance Programs

Our scheduled preventive maintenance programs will keep your electrical equipment, wiring, connections and appliances running as they should. We’ll detect worn-down components, flow imbalances, voltage issues and mechanical repairs. A complete electrical maintenance check involves:

Preventive maintenance helps identify problems early (like damaged electrical components). This reduces the chances of emergencies and accidents happening before they become a costly disruption to your business.

Switchboard Upgrades

We maintain and upgrade commercial switchboards to regulate your power supply and prevent excess loads on circuits and feeders. Whether it’s installing new control panels and circuits, replacing damaged wiring, or conducting moisture checks and cleaning, we guarantee your new switchboards will be safe, compliant and equipped to handle the power loads you need.

Electrical Safety

Our expert electricians will perform a full safety inspection of your electrical system, installing and repairing RCD switches, cleaning crowded wires and cables, protecting uninsulated wires and repairing damaged sockets.

Commercial Electrical Installations

We supply and install all types of electrical equipment and materials, providing new build electrical fit outs and electrical installations for businesses across Melbourne. From commercial outdoor lighting to data point installation, we’re here to help.

Our installation services include:

Our experienced team will work with you to understand your electrical requirements and property layout to deliver a custom solution that’s both energy-efficient and visually appealing. We source supplies from leading Australian brands known fo