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Your Trusted Choice for Split System Air Conditioning Service

Step into a world where comfort meets innovation with specialised air con services from Orlando Powered, your go-to air con service provider in Melbourne. When it comes to climate control, think of us as your personal air conditioning experts.

Imagine walking into a room that’s just the right temperature, all year round. That’s exactly what we’re here to give you: a place where you feel just right, whether it’s sweltering outside or frost is creeping on the windows.

We specialise in split system air conditioning and offer efficient and effective solutions for homes and offices. So if you’re ready to experience the best in comfort and service, Orlando Powered has got your back.

Why Split Systems Are Your Best Choice

Tailor-Made for Individual Rooms

Whether you're enjoying your favourite show in the living room or settling into bed, these systems are designed for single-room comfort, zeroing in on the climate right where you need it.

Easy on the Pocket

Budget constraints? No worries! These units provide an excellent solution for targeted heating or cooling without a hefty price tag.

Dual Functionality

Enjoy the best of both worlds with heating and cooling features. They're the Swiss Army knives of climate control, suited for all seasons.

Supreme Energy Efficiency

In collaboration with renowned brands like Mitsubishi, we bring you units that excel in energy efficiency while still delivering optimum comfort.

Unbeatable Features of Our Split Systems

Easy Installation

Wave goodbye to the complexities of ductwork. Our split systems are designed for hassle-free installation. You can place the indoor unit as far away as 25-30m from the outdoor condenser, requiring just a small hole in the wall for copper tubing and control wiring.

Low Maintenance

Simplify your life with our low-maintenance solutions. Our systems come with washable filters and are constructed for easy servicing.

Value for Money

Enjoy premium comfort without the premium price tag. Operating at roughly 10 cents an hour, our systems epitomise cost-effectiveness.

Noise-Free Operation

Embrace serenity with our quiet-operating systems. You can place them in any room, confident that they won't disturb your peace.

Heating Capabilities

Whether it's a scorching summer or a chilly winter, our units are equipped for both. Thanks to reverse cycle functionality, you can enjoy year-round comfort.

Inverter Technology

Experience consistency without compromise. Our systems feature inverter technology to ensure a stable indoor climate while optimising energy use.

User-Friendly Controls

Master your environment with ease. Our systems come with user-friendly remote controls filled with a host of handy features.

Let Melbourne’s favourite air conditioning installers, Orlando Powered, show you how. Because you should never have to choose between comfort and quality.

Ready to experience the ultimate in home comfort?

Contact Orlando Powered today and let us transform your living spaces into havens of optimal temperature and peace.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our split system units are highly cost-effective, operating at as low as 10 cents per hour. They offer an excellent solution for those on a budget.

Installation of our split systems is straightforward, with no need for complex ductwork. The indoor unit can be up to 25-30m away from the outdoor unit, requiring just a small hole in the wall for tubing and wiring.

Our split systems are designed for low maintenance. They come with washable filters and are easily accessible for any servicing needs you might have.

Yes, all of our air conditioning systems come with a warranty. Specific terms can vary by model and brand, so please contact us for detailed information.

Yes, we offer residential, strata and commercial air conditioning services, ensuring optimal climate control for various types of spaces.